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Who Can I Ask For Money Online?

If you’re thinking about asking for money online then you must have a genuine problem or hardship, you need to create a giving page online and then you need to share your hardship giving page with as many people as you possibly can. You can write and publish a hardship page on sites like the Beglist.Org and, these sites allow you to post for free and take a small portion of the money raised for administration costs. Before you start asking for money online you need to determine whether you have a real legitimate need, a real hardship would include help with medical bills, medical treatment, education fees, homelessness, poverty, disaster recovery and financial despair.

#1: Friends & Family

Once you’ve created you’re hardship page share it first of all with the nearest and dearest, these are the people who care about you the most and they are very likely to help you. Ask for a reasonable amount to start with and ask them to forward your message to other people who might support your hardship.

#2: Community

If you’re a member of any community then share your hardship with them, if you’re part of an online forum or blog then ask the contributors for help, if you’re an active member of the forum then there will be members who want to help you. If you’re not a member of a community then start to begin meaningful and effective relationships with new communities, explain your hardship to them and then welcome any donation that they can offer.

#3: Rich People and Millionaires

Finding rich people and millionaires is quite straightforward; you can find lists of philanthropists on sites like the Giving Pledge, Forbes Philanthropy List, and The Business Week Giving List. By combining these lists together you could get the contact details of over one hundred billionaires, millionaires and rich people who want to help. Find the charitable foundation that these rich millionaires and wealthy billionaires support and then send them your hardship page.

#4: Corporate Philanthropy Teams

You could also use the same strategy and ask large corporations for help. Some of the biggest companies in the world have corporate philanthropy departments dedicated to helping people in need, if you can contact these foundations and ask for help your chances of getting a donation increase. The more corporate philanthropy departments you contact the greater your chances of getting help. Even if you don’t get a donation there might be a hardship program that could help you.

#5: Celebrities

Celebrities love to help people, it’s a great way to develop a positive public image, celebrities like OprahEllen, Montel have helped their fans by giving away free homes, cars, education scholarships and many more. All of these celebrities and more are contactable and if you can share your hardship with them they might help, you might even be asked to go on the show and share your hardship with the world. If you manage to get yourself on TV then even more people will be willing to help.

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