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Free Money From Millionaires & Philanthropists 2013

It’s entirely possible to get free money from millionaires in 2013, in this guide I will reveal the process and offer names and contact details of millionaires who give away free money. The most important factor which determines whether you get financial assistance is your circumstances. If you’re experiencing hardship and you have no assets, no savings, no help and can’t turn to the government for public assistance then you can try contacting millionaires for help. Another important point to note is that there is no guarantee that you’ll get any help, you might get financial assistance or you might get pointed in the right direction, these requests for money take time so you need to patient and persevere.

Asking for Free Money from Millionaires

The process is relatively simple, some of the steps involved require research however most of the information is available online relatively easily. The first step is determining whether you have a real legitimate genuine need, some of the hardships below is what a millionaire might consider a reason to give money.

#1: Financial Despair

#2: Help with Medical Treatment and Bills

#3: Financial Despair

#4: Poverty & Homelessness

#5: Disaster Recovery

The next step is finding millionaires who might be willing to help you, you can find lists of philanthropists on the following sources, your task is to read through the profiles of these millionaires so you can create a list of likely millionaires who might support your cause. If you do have a legitimate need then you will be able to find a handful of millionaire that support your cause.

You’re next step is to contact these millionaires through their charitable foundation, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a donation direct from the millionaires. Wealthy people like Bill Gates, George Soros and Donald Trump have their own charitable foundations that you can contact for money.

Your final step is to send a hardship letter inquiring about any programs that might be able to help you. Let them know about your hardship and how you reached that point, let them know of how you plan to improve your life and describe what a difference it would make in your life if you were given any help.

Here is a list of all the charitable foundations that you can contact for money, the link goes direct to the contact page so that you can send your hardship email or letter direct.

#1: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

#2: Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation

#3: Ted Turner Foundation

#4: Larry Ellison Foundation

#5: Eli Broad Foundation

#6: George Kiaser Family Foundation

#7: Jeff Skoll Foundation

#8: Conrad Hilton Foundation

#9: Rockefeller Foundation

#10: John Burton Foundation

If you’re planning on asking any of these charitable foundation for help please leave a comment below as these guides are sometimes read by rich wealthy millionaires. If you’ve had success in receiving financial assistance then please share your experience.

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